3 PPI Video Lessons 21-30.

Lesson 21 Weather: it is hot, it is cold, it is sunny, it is windy, it is raining, it is snowing….. hace calor, hace frío, hace sol, hace viento, llueve, nieva.

Lesson 22 3 PPI 26-30: to hate, separated, marriage / matrimony, commitment, proud.,…. odiar, separado, matrimonio, compromiso, orgullo.

Lesson 23 1 sents. 69-72: Does Gloria sing well? No, Gloria does not sing well. What day is today? Today is Tuesday.

Lesson 24 1 sents 125-128: On Sunday, I study. On Tuesday, Benito works. When it is cold, what do you do? When it is hot, I swim.

Lesson 25 3 PPI 31-35: to get angry, to fall in love, divorce, couple, to count on / to rely on….. enojarse, enamorarse, divorcio, pareja, contar con.

Lesson 26 PODER (to be able) present forms: puedo, puedes, puede, Podemos, pueden….. can, is able to, are able to.

Lesson 27 3 PPI 36-40: careful, to be fed up with, to meet (r), to meet (e), unfaithful….. cuidadoso, harto de, reunirse, encontrarse, infiel.

Lesson 28 PODER present sentences (my brother): My brother is able to eat at 5:00. They can work now. I am able to dance. We can talk now.

Lesson 29 commands 19: yes formal G verb – singular and plural.

Lesson 30 A+ EL = AL: I go to the house. We go to the river. He goes to the store. They go to the bank.