3 PPI Video Lessons 41-50.

Lesson 41 3 PPI 55-60: to know a person, I know a person, faithful, to forget, unforgettable….. conocer, conozco, fiel, olvidar, inolvidable.

Lesson 42 COMMANDS 26: no formal regular verbs.

Lesson 43 3 ppi 61-65: to produce, I produce, false / dishonest, United States, the USA…..producir, produzco, falso, estados unidos, LOS EE.UU.

Lesson 44 3 PPI 66-70: to drive, I drive, responsibility, identity, relationship / connection…..conducir, conduzco, responsablidad, relación.

Lesson 45 COMMANDS 27: no formal G verbs.

Lesson 46 GUSTAR (he, she with nouns): He likes the house. He likes the houses. She likes the house. She likes the houses.

Lesson 47 WOULD LIKE vs LIKE: I like to sing. I would like to sing. You like to sing. Would you like to sing?

Lesson 48 3 PPI 71-75: to leave / to depart, I leave / I depart, the exit, feelings, sentimental…..salir, salgo, salida, sentimientos, sentimental.

Lesson 49 COMMANDS 28: no formal boot verbs (stem changing verbs).

Lesson 50 GUSTAR (they with verbs): They (boys) like to sing. They (boys) do not like to sing. They (girls) like to sing. They (girls) do not like to sing.