3 PPI Video Lessons 51-60.

Lesson 51 ooops… skip this one.

Lesson 52 3 PPI 81-85: to leave (someone), to stand someone up, to keep in mind / to consider, from time to time, it matches / it goes with….. dejar a, dejar plantado a, tomar en cuenta, de vez en cuando.

Lesson 53 3 PPI 86-90: insincere, dishonest, congratulations (f), congratulations (e)….. insincero, felicitaciones, felicidades, enhora buena.

Lesson 54 NUMBERS (ordinal) first, second, third: primero, segundo, tercero.

Lesson 55 commands 1: affirmative tú regular.

Lesson 56 commands 2…yes tú G verbs.

Lesson 57 G VERBS present tense (infinitives and yo forms): to put, to have, to come, to leave, to say / to tell, to make / to do….. pongo, tengo, vengo, salgo, digo, hago.

Lesson 58 HABLAR (to talk, to speak) imperfect forms: hablaba, hablabas, hablaba, hablábamos, hablaban….. spoke, was speaking, were speaking.

Lesson 59 COMER (to eat) imperfect forms: comía, comías, comía, comíamos, comían….. ate, was eating, were eatin.

Lesson 60 VIVIR (to live) imperfect forms: vivía, vivías, vivía, vivíamos, vivían….. lived, was living, were living.