3 PPI Video Lessons 61-70.

Lesson 61 Present to Imperfect (ICE part 3): imperfect past is easier to form and more regular than the present tense! SER – ERA, IR – IBA,

Lesson 62 WAS sents 01-06: I was tall. I was happy. I was 13 years old. It was 2:00. It was hot. In México, my name was Pedro.

Lesson 63 COMMANDS 3: a quick review of stem changing verbs (boot verbs) – to think, to remember, to understand, to sleep, to repeat…..pensar, recordar, entender, dormir, repetir.

Lesson 64 COMMANDS 4: yes tú car gar zar…. to look for, to play a sport, to arrive, to begin (e), to eat lunch….. buscar, jugar, llegar, empezar, almorzar.

Lesson 65 IMPERFECT sents 09-12: He was thirsty. The girls always studied. they always went to the beach. I was talking.

Lesson 66 IMPERFECT sents 05-08: It was hot. The house was big. His house was in México. He always went to Pablo’s house.

Lesson 67 PRESENT and IMPERFECT sents 31-36: His name is Geofredo. His name was Geofredo. He is 9 years old. He was 9 years old. He is taller than his sister. He was taller than his sister.

Lesson 68 ORDINAL NUMBERS: fourth, fifth, sixth….. cuarto, quinto, sexto.

Lesson 69 COMMANDS 5: yes, tú, ir, ser, estar, dar.

Lesson 70 2 PPI EXAM PREP 16-20: I play soccer. As a child, I played soccer. I have to study. I always had to study. When it is hot, I swim.