3 PPI Video Lessons 71-80.

Lesson 71 COMMANDS 6: pronoun placement – beforE or after – the verb. When it’s a yes command, it goes after and attached.

Lesson 72 COMMANDS 7: yes, tú, reflexive….. bathe yourself, stand up, sit down, get lost, get dressed.

Lesson 73 PRONOUNS (male): he, to him, him, it, you sir, himself….. él, le, lo, se.

Lesson 74 PERSONAL A (when to use it): I see the house. I see Juan. They look for the cars. They look for the girls.

Lesson 75 COMMANDS 8: yes, tú, le, lo….. talk to him, sing to her, eat it, drink it, request it / ask for it.

Lesson 76 PRESENT and IMPERFECT 43-48: My name is Paco. My name was Paquito. I am 14 years old. I was 14 years old. I am able to speak Spanish and English. I was able to speak Spanish and English.

Lesson 77 2 PPI sents 01-04: The girls are happy (feliz). Ther girls were happy. You want to eat the taco. You wanted to eat the taco.

Lesson 78 ooops… skip this lesson.

Lesson 79 2 PPI EXAM PREP 11-15: I like dogs. I liked dogs. I am able to speak well. I was able to speak well. I wanted to eat tacos.

Lesson 80 ooops… skip this lesson.