3 PPI Video Lessons 81-90.

Lesson 81 COMMANDS 9: negative, tú, an introduction (very important!)

Lesson 82 Present to Imperfect ICE part 5: accent rules for imperfect verbs.

Lesson 83 PERSONAL A (not with lo la): I help Paco. I help him. We see Eva. We see her. He looks for the boys. He looks for them. Enrique kissed the girls. Enrique kissed them.

Lesson 84 PRONOUNS direct object LO: I see Paco. I see him. I see the book. I see it. I see you sir.

Lesson 85 3 sents 01-04: We are going to get married. He knows me well. I know Paco well. I know him well.

Lesson 86 3 sents 05-08: They never deceive me. She never gets angry with me. I never get angry with him. We always get along well.

Lesson 87 3 sents 09-12: She never lies to me. I never lie to her. I always tell the truth to him. She always helps me.

Lesson 88 3 sents 13-16: I never stand him up. She never stands me up. He is sensitive and mature. She says and does many funny things.

Lesson 89 ORDINAL NUMBERS: seventh, eighth, ninth….. séptimo, octavo, noveno, décimo.

Lesson 90 PRONOUNS PLACEMENT (before or after the )verb: I talk to her. Eduardo writes to them. The girls talk to us. Ana is going to sing to him. He has to write to us.