3 PPI Video Lessons 91-100.

Lesson 91 2 PPI 06-10: athlete, dancer, waiter (c), waiter (m)….. atleta, bailarín bailarina, camarero, mesero.

Lesson 92 COMMANDS 10: no, tú, regular…..Don’t speak! Don’t dance! Don’t eat! Don’t drink! Don’t live here!

Lesson 93 3 sents 17-20: We get along very well. I know that he is not going to stand me up. She does not flirt with other boys. He is not cheap.

Lesson 94 3 sents 21-24: She is not a liar. I am happy when I am with my girlfriend. I feel secure when I am with Paco. I am never fed up with her.

Lesson 95 COMMANDS 11: no, tú, G verbs… Don’t put! Don’t have! Don’t make / don’t do! Don’t come! Don’t leave! Don’t say / don’t tell!

Lesson 96 3 PPI 11-15: cashier, the cook, soccer player, gymnast, player (of sports)…..cajero, cocinero, cocinar, gimnasta, jugadora.

Lesson 97 2 PPI 16-20: the bully, musician, waiter (m), swimmer, babysitter….. matón, música, mesero, nadadora, niñera.

Lesson 98 3 sents 25-28: I am happy when I see José. I trust Juanita a lot. She will never be unfaithful. We are a good couple.

Lesson 99 PRESENT and IMPERFECT sents 49-54: I live in Missouri. As a child, I lived in Missouri. I am always happy. As a child, I was always happy. I am short and fat. As a child, I was short and fat.

Lesson 100 COMMANDS 12: no, tú, boot verbs, stem chaning verbs….. d

Don’t think! Don’t remember! Don’t lose! Don’t sleep! Don’t repeat!