3 F&C Video Lessons 1-15

Lesson 1 ICE part 1: present to imperfect

Lesson 2 ICE part 2: present to imperfect

Lesson 3 ICE 3 part 3: ERA vs IBA

Lesson 4 3 FC 01-05: the mayor, sign, stoplight, stop sign….. alcalde, alcaldesa, letrero, semáforo, señal de alto

Lesson 5 ICE part 4: iba vs ía

Lesson 6 Present and Imperfect Sents 01 – 06

Lesson 7 3 FC 06-10: empty,, full, to converse / to talk, daily (c), dialy (d)…..vacío, lleno, conversar, cotidiano, diario.

Lesson 8 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 07-12: On Tuesday, I arrived early. On Tuesdays, I always arrived early. She ate a taco at 5:15. She was eating tacos, when I arrived. You guys always drink sodas. Yesterday, you guys drink sodas.

Lesson 9 PRESENT and IMPERFECT Sents 13-18: She lives in Wisconsin.

Lesson 10 3 FC 11-15: street, to lose, to be lost, I got lost, she got lost…..calle, perder, estar perdido, me perdí, ella se perdió .

Lesson 11 PRESENT and IMPERFECT Sents 19-24: Felipe knows Carolina

Lesson 12 PRESENT and PRETERITE Sents 25-30: Nacha, I can help you.

Lesson 13 3 FC 16-20: city, citizen, people, to populate, population…..ciudad, ciudadano, gente, personas, poblar, población.

Lesson 14 PRESENT and IMPERFECT Sents. 37-42: He likes to sing

Lesson 15 PRESENT and IMERFECT Sents 43-48: My name is Paco