3 F&C Video Lessons 1-10

Lesson 1 3 FC 01-05: the mayor, sign, stoplight, stop sign….. alcalde, alcaldesa, letrero, semáforo, señal de alto:

Lesson 2 2 FC 01-05: airport, butcher shop, post office, station, stadium….. aeropuerto, carneceria, correo, estacion, estadio.

Lesson 3 HABLAR (to talk, to speak)preterite forms: hablé, hablaste, habló, hablamos, hablaron….. spoke.

Lesson 4 PAST TENSEpart 1 two types of past tense: introduction to imperfect FRED FLINTSTONE.

Lesson 5 2 sents 17-20: Yesterday, I spoke to him. Yesterday, he spoke to me. Enrique always studied. María was studying.

Lesson 6 3 FC 06-10: empty,, full, to converse / to talk, daily (c), dialy (d)…..vacío, lleno, conversar, cotidiano, diario.

Lesson 7 2 FC 06-10: pharmacy, market, shoestore, bakery, hair salon / hair dresser…..farmacia, mercado, zapatería, zapato, panadería, peluquería.

Lesson 8 CEPILLARSE (to brush oneself) preterite forms: me cepillé, te cepillaste, se cepilló, nos cepillamos, se cepillaron….. brushed.

Lesson 9 2 sents 137-140: As a child, what was your best friend like? As a child, my best friend was short and fat. Did you brush your teeth today? Yes, I brushed my teeth today.

Lesson 10 3 FC 11-15: street, to lose, to be lost, I got lost, she got lost…..calle, perder, estar perdido, me perdí, ella se perdió .