3 F&C Video Lessons 11-20.

Lesson 11 2 FC 11-15: town square, supermarket, university, museum, store…..plaza, supermercado, universidad, museo, tienda.

Lesson 12 SENTARSE (to sit down) present forms: me siento, te sientas, se sienta, nos sentamos, se sientan….. sit, sits, sit down, sits down.

Lesson 13 SENTARSE (to sit down) preterite forms: me senté, te sentaste, se sentó, nos sentamos, se sentaron….. sat, sat down.

Lesson 14 RECIBIR (to receive) preterite forms: recibí, recibiste, recibió, recibimos, recibieron….. received.

Lesson 15 3 FC 16-20: city, citizen, people, to populate, population…..ciudad, ciudadano, gente, personas, poblar, población.

Lesson 16 2 FC 16-20: firefighter / fireman, doctor, owner, manager….. bombero, doctor, doctora, dueno, gerente.

Lesson 17 SENTARSE (to sit down) preterite sents: Ramón and his sister sat down. Manolo, did you sit down on Paco’s chair? I sat down on the floor. Gloria did not sit down on her bed. Elena and I sat down on the sofa.

Lesson 18 3 FC 21-25: to drive, I drive, I would like, I would like to eat, late / delayed….. conducir, conduzco, quisiera, quiaiera comer, atrasado.

Lesson 19 2 FC 21-25: boss (male), boss (female), doctor / medic, policeman / police officer….. jefe, médico policía.

Lesson 20 COMER (to eat) preterite forms: comí, comiste, comió, comimos, comieron….. ate.