3 F&C Video Lessons 16-30.

Lesson 16 3 FC 21-25: to drive, I drive, I would like, I would like to eat, late / delayed….. conducir, conduzco, quisiera, quiaiera comer, atrasado.

Lesson 17 PRESENT and IMPERFECT sents 49-54: I live in Missouri

Lesson 18 PRESENT and IMPERFECT Sents 31-36: His name is Geofredo

Lesson 19 3 FC 26-30: loud / noisy, night life, to run, to travel around, direction / address….. ruidoso, noche nocturna, correr, recorrer, dirección.

Lesson 20 HABLAR (to talk, to speak)preterite forms: hablé, hablaste, habló, hablamos, hablaron….. spoke.

Lesson 21 HABLAR (to talk, to speak) preterite sents: Carlos spoke at 4:00

Lesson 22 3 FC 31-35: to enjoy, the bridge, to stop, to park, to get on a plane, to get off a bus….. disfrutar, puente, parar, estacionarse, subir al avión, bajar del autobus.

Lesson 23 2 sents. 25-28: They spoke to us yesterday.

Lesson 24 IMPERFECT: sents 05-08… hacia, era, estaba, iba

Lesson 25 3 FC 36-40: pedestrian, to chat (c), to chat (p), I chatted (once)….. peatón, peatona, charlar, platicar, platiqué.

Lesson 26 2 sents. 97-100: They were speaking to us

Lesson 27 commands 1… yes tú regular

Lesson 28 2 sents 17-20: Yesterday, I spoke to him. Yesterday, he spoke to me. Enrique always studied. María was studying.

Lesson 29 3 FC 41-45: to scratch / to scrape, sky / heaven, skyscraper, subway stop, sidewalk….. rascar, cielo, rascacielos, parada de autobús, acera.

Lesson 30 BUSCAR (to look for, to search for) preterite forms: busqué, buscaste, buscó, buscamos, buscaron….. looked for.