3 F&C Video Lessons 21-30.

Lesson 21 RECIBIR (to receive) preterite sents: recibí, recibiste, recibió, recibimos, recibieron….. received.

Lesson 22 3 FC 26-30: loud / noisy, night life, to run, to travel around, direction / address….. ruidoso, noche nocturna, correr, recorrer, dirección.

Lesson 23 2 FC 26-30: on foot, by bus, by plane, by boat, by bicycle….. a pie, en autobús, en avión, en bicicleta, en bici.

Lesson 24 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 07-12: On Tuesday, I arrived early. On Tuesdays, I always arrived early. She ate a taco at 5:15. She was eating tacos, when I arrived. You guys always drink sodas. Yesterday, you guys drink sodas.

Lesson 25 COMER (to eat) preterite sents: I ate the tacos. Ángela and Jesús ate my burrito. Carlos and I ate the apples. The tall girl ate the cheese.

Lesson 26 3 FC 31-35: to enjoy, the bridge, to stop, to park, to get on a plane, to get off a bus….. disfrutar, puente, parar, estacionarse, subir al avión, bajar del autobus.

Lesson 27 2 FC 31-35: by car, by metro / by subway, by train, to travel, to visit….. en coche, en metro, en tren, viajar, visitor.

Lesson 28 BEBER (TO DRINK): preterite sents: Enrique and I drank water. I drank a soda. Did you (sir) drink a lot of tea?

Lesson 29 BUSCAR (to look for, to search for) preterite forms: busqué, buscaste, buscó, buscamos, buscaron….. looked for.

Lesson 30 BUSCAR (to look for) preterite sents: Yesterday, I looked for Mr. Boesch. Yesterday, we looked for him. Yesterday, she looked for Enrique. Yesterday, they looked for her.