3 F&C Video Lessons 31-45.

Lesson 31 PERSONAL A: when to use it… I see the house

Lesson 32 PERSONAL A: not with LOLA (him, her, them)… I help Paco

Lesson 33 BUSCAR (to look for) preterite sents: Yesterday, I looked for Mr. Boesch. Yesterday, we looked for him. Yesterday, she looked for Enrique. Yesterday, they looked for her.

Lesson 34 commands 3…yes tú boot verb

Lesson 35 NUMBERS 11-15: once, MISC. doce, trece, catorce, quince.

Lesson 36 OUR: nuestro, nuestra, nuestros, nuestras

Lesson 37 IMPERFECT sents 13-16: My brothers were short and fat

Lesson 38 3 FC 46-50: inside corner, outside corner, to be located (Q), to stay / to remain, I will stay here….. rincón, esquina, quedar, quedarse, voy a quedarme.

Lesson 39 REFLEXIVE part 1: to or for oneself… I see Paco

Lesson 40 BAÑARSE (to Bath) preterite forms: me bañé, te bañaste, se bañó, nos bañamos, se bañaron

Lesson 41 2 sents 245-248: Did you shower this morning? Yes, I showered this morning. When did Anita and Andrés arrive? Anita and Andrés arrived at 7:12 in the afternoon.

Lesson 42 VER, MIRAR, BUSCAR: We see the shirt

Lesson 43 3 FC 51-55: public transportation, anvenue, to run errands, I ran errands, housing….. transporte público, avenida, hacer diligencias, vivienda

Lesson 44 SENTARSE (to sit down) preterite forms: me senté, te sentaste, se sentó, nos sentamos, se sentaron….. sat, sat down.

Lesson 45 SENTARSE (to sit down) preterite sents: Ramón and his sister sat down. Manolo, did you sit down on Paco’s chair? I sat down on the floor. Gloria did not sit down on her bed. Elena and I sat down on the sofa.