3 F&C Video Lessons 46-60.

Lesson 46 Commands 4: yes tú car gar zar.

Lesson 47 COMER (to eat) preterite forms: comí, comiste, comió, comimos, comieron….. ate.

Lesson 48 3 FC 56-60: to cross, I crossed (one time), to give, to live together….. cruzar, crucé, dar, doy, convivir.

Lesson 49 SECARSE (to dry off) preterite forms: me sequé, te secaste, se secó, nos secamos, se secaron….. dried off.

Lesson 50 SECARSE (to dry oneself off) preterite sents: This morning, she dried her face with a towel. Yesterday, I dried off after a bath. This afternoon, we had to dry our hair. They dried their hands quickly.

Lesson 51 commands 6: pronoun placement befor or after the verb

Lesson 46 3 FC 61-65: to walk (C), to walk (A), road / path, to ask for directions, to give directions….. caminar, andar, camino, preguntar el camino, incidar el camino.

Lesson 53 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT Sents 13-18: On Wednesday, she played soccer

Lesson 54 commands 7: yes tú reflexive

Lesson 55 BEBER (TO DRINK): preterite sents: Enrique and I drank water. I drank a soda. Did you (sir) drink a lot of tea?

Lesson 56 IR (to Go) preterite forms: fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fueron

Lesson 57 ACCENTS 1: vowel, n, s, BANK

Lesson 58 ACCENTS 2: lizard, BANK

Lesson 59 3 FC 66-70: parking lot, activity, community, driver (male), driver (female)….. estacionamiento, actividad, comunidad, conductor, conductora.

Lesson 60 commands 8: yes tú le lo