3 F&C Video Lessons 31-40.

Lesson 31 3 FC 36-40: pedestrian, to chat (c), to chat (p), I chatted (once)….. peatón, peatona, charlar, platicar, platiqué.

Lesson 32 2 FC 36-40: neighborhood (b), community, state, country, neighborhood (v)….. barrio, la comunidad, estado, el país, vecindario.

Lesson 33 SECARSE (to dry off) preterite forms: me sequé, te secaste, se secó, nos secamos, se secaron….. dried off.

Lesson 34 SECARSE (to dry oneself off) preterite sents: This morning, she dried her face with a towel. Yesterday, I dried off after a bath. This afternoon, we had to dry our hair. They dried their hands quickly.

Lesson 35 3 FC 41-45: to scratch / to scrape, sky / heaven, skyscraper, subway stop, sidewalk….. rascar, cielo, rascacielos, parada de autobús, acera.

Lesson 36 2 FC 41-45: licence, responsibility, permit, to drive (c), to drive (m)….. licencia, la responsabilidad, permiso, Conducir, Manejar.

Lesson 37 LLEGAR (to arrive) preterite forms: llegué, llegaste, llegó, llegamos, llegaron….. arrived.

Lesson 38 3 FC 46-50: inside corner, outside corner, to be located (Q), to stay / to remain, I will stay here….. rincón, esquina, quedar, quedarse, voy a quedarme.

Lesson 39 2 sents 153-156: Did Donaldo take a bath today? No, Donaldo did not take a bath today. What time did you arrive at? I arrived at 3:20 in the afternoon.

Lesson 40 3 sents 61-64: I have to bathe Paco. I have to take a bath. She helps herself. She helps Esteban.