3 F&C Video Lessons 41-50.

Lesson 41 3 FC 51-55: public transportation, anvenue, to run errands, I ran errands, housing….. transporte público, avenida, hacer diligencias, vivienda

Lesson 42 2 sents 245-248: Did you shower this morning? Yes, I showered this morning. When did Anita and Andrés arrive? Anita and Andrés arrived at 7:12 in the afternoon.

Lesson 43 3 sents 65-68: It was 4:00, when I saw Felipe. As a child, I studied a lot (a girl is talking). The girls were happy when I bought it. Yesterday, she took a bath.

Lesson 44 3 FC 56-60: to cross, I crossed (one time), to give, to live together….. cruzar, crucé, dar, doy, convivir.

Lesson 45 IR (to go) preterite forms: fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fueron….. went.

Lesson 46 3 FC 61-65: to walk (C), to walk (A), road / path, to ask for directions, to give directions….. caminar, andar, camino, preguntar el camino, incidar el camino.

Lesson 47 3 FC 66-70: parking lot, activity, community, driver (male), driver (female)….. estacionamiento, actividad, comunidad, conductor, conductora.

Lesson 48 IR (to go) preterite sents: Lola went to the museum. I went to Isabel’s house. Enrique and I went to Julio’s house. Benito and Carlos went to the bank.

Lesson 49 DESPERTARSE (to wake up) preterite forms: me desperté, te despertaste, se despertó, nos despertamos, se despertaron….. woke up.

Lesson 50 PRONOUNS: LE – say it twice (when you hear the word to…)