3 F&C Video Lessons 76-90.

Lesson 76 3 FC 86-90: word, to thank, I thank you (not gracias…), to inherit, to complain about….. palabra, agradecer, te lo agradezco, heredar, qujarse (de).

Lesson 77 commands 12: no tú boot verbs, stem chaning verbs

Lesson 78 VENIR (to come) preterite forms: vine, viniste, vino, vinimos, vinieron….. came.

Lesson 79 VENIR (to come) preterite sents: I came from the airport. Felipe and Lupe came to the party. The (female) doctor came to the hospital. Eduardo and I came in the new car.

Lesson 80 3 FC 91-95: nickname, stepbrother, to die, the death, to respect….. apodo, hermanastro, morir, la muerte, respetar.

Lesson 81 commands 11: no tú G verbs

Lesson 82 HABLAR (to Talk, to Speak) preterite forms: hablé, hablaste, habló, hablamos, hablaron.

Lesson 83 RECIBIR (to Receive) preterite forms: recibí, recibiste, recibió, recibimos, recibieron.

Lesson 84 DECIR (to say, to tell) preterite forms: dije, dijiste, dijo, dijimos, dijeron….. said, told.

Lesson 85 3 FC 96-100: grandpa, great-grandpa, to be born, the birth, twins….. abuelo, bisabuelo, nacer, nacimiento, gemelos.

Lesson 86 3 FC 101-105: the childhood, the youth, the adulthood, the old age, the stages of life….. la niñez, la joventud, la edad adulta, lz viejez, las estapas de vida

Lesson 87 HACER (to make, to do) preterite forms: hice, hiciste, hizo, hicimos, hicieron….. made, did.

Lesson 88 HACER (to make, to do) preterite sents: Did the girls do their homework? Yes, the girls did their homework. Did you do your chores? Yes, I did my chores.

Lesson 89 commands 13: no tú car, gar, zar

Lesson 90 3 FC 106-110: to command / to order, bossy, to appear, I appear, to fight….. mandar, mandón, aparecer, aparezco, pelear.