3 F&C Video Lessons 51-60.

Lesson 51 3 FC 71-75: passenger, city hall, to relax, I like you (to a friend), suburbs, sidewalks….. pasajero, ayuntamiento, relajarse, me caes bien, afueras, aceras.

Lesson 52 2 sents. 205-208: Did you go to the store? Yes, I went to the store. Did Felipe go to Lola’s house? Yes, Felipe went to Lola’s house.

Lesson 53 DESPERTARSE preterite sents: Last Tuesday, Mateo woke up early. This morning, I woke up on time. Vincente and his brothers woke up late today. On Sunday, we woke up slowly.

Lesson 54 TENER PHRASES yo forms 01-05: I am hot, I am cold. I am hungry. I am thirsty. I am afraid….. Tengo calor. Tengo frío. Tengo hambre. Tengo sed. Tengo miedo.

Lesson 55 3 FC 76-80: bridge, outskirts (of a city), to construct, they constructed, unexpected….. puente, alrededores, construir, construyen, inesperado.

Lesson 56 TRAIN WRECK VERBS part 1: this is a HELPFUL clip!

Lesson 57 TENER (to have) preterite sents: Yesterday, I had to study a lot. Paco and Anita had a date. Elena and I had a very difficult exam. You had to speak with Ricardo.

Lesson 58 3 FC 81-85: to take a stroll, to take a bike ride, to take a car ride, I took a taxi, He took a motorcycle ride….. dar un paseo, dar una vuelta en bici, carro, taxi, moto.

Lesson 59 3 GC 86-90: word, to thank, I thank you (not gracias…), to inherit, to complain about….. palabra, agradecer, te lo agradezco, heredar, qujarse (de).

Lesson 60 PONER (to put, to place) preterite forms: puse, pusiste, puso, pusimos, pusieron….. put, placed.