3 F&C Video Lessons 61-70.

Lesson 61 PONER (to put, to place) preterite sents: I put the water in the glass. You put the book here. He put many things in his car. They put the money in Paco’s house.

Lesson 62 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 19-24: On Thursday, Ramón went to the bank. Ramón always went to the bank on Thursdays. I was looking for my friends in the park today. On Saturday, I looked for my friends in the park. This morning, Paco put the food in the kitchen. Paco always put the food in the kitchen.

Lesson 63 3 FC 91-95: nickname, stepbrother, to die, the death, to respect….. apodo, hermanastro, morir, la muerte, respetar.

Lesson 64 DECIR (to say, to tell) preterite forms: dije, dijiste, dijo, dijimos, dijeron….. said, told.

Lesson 65 2 sents 25-28: They spoke to us yesterday. The girls were studying. As a child, I like to swim. I saw him yesterday.

Lesson 66 CHORES 05-08 preterite sents: I washed the dishes. I cleaned the bathroom. I vacuumed the living room. I set the table.

Lesson 67 3 FC 96-100: grandpa, great-grandpa, to be born, the birth, twins….. abuelo, bisabuelo, nacer, nacimiento, gemelos.

Lesson 68 2 sents 181-184: Yesterday, it was sunny. Yesterday, he had to study. He always had to study. He was going to study.

Lesson 69 VENIR (to come) preterite forms: vine, viniste, vino, vinimos, vinieron….. came.

Lesson 70 3 FC 101-105: the childhood, the youth, the adulthood, the old age, the stages of life….. la niñez, la joventud, la edad adulta, lz viejez, las estapas de vida