3 F&C Video Lessons 71-80.

Lesson 71 VENIR (to come) preterite sents: I came from the airport. Felipe and Lupe came to the party. The (female) doctor came to the hospital. Eduardo and I came in the new car.

Lesson 72 3 FC 106-110: to command / to order, bossy, to appear, I appear, to fight….. mandar, mandón, aparecer, aparezco, pelear.

Lesson 73 TRAER (to bring) preterite forms: traje, trajiste, trajo, trajimos, trajeron….. brought.

Lesson 74 TRAER (TO BRING) preterite sents: She brought a snack. I brought a gift to the hospital. Did you bring cookies? Eduardo and I brought the music.

Lesson 75 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 01-06: Ángela helped me this afternoon. Ángela was helping me this afternoon. Javier and Edgar always danced with their girlfriends. Javier and Edgar danced with their girlfriends yesterday. This morning, I was studying with Diego. This morning, I studied with Diego.

Lesson 76 3 sents 45-48: I play baseball. I always played baseball. I am able to eat now. I was always able to eat early.

Lesson 77 3 FC 111-115: tomove (items), I move (things), to move (to a new home), stepfather, stepmother….. mover, muevo, mudarse, padrastro, madrastra.

Lesson 78 HACER (to make, to do) preterite forms: hice, hiciste, hizo, hicimos, hicieron….. made, did.

Lesson 79 HACER (to make, to do) preterite sents: Did the girls do their homework? Yes, the girls did their homework. Did you do your chores? Yes, I did my chores.

Lesson 80 3 FC 116-120: to raise (a child), to spoil (a child), I grew up / I was raised, to survive, survival….. criar, malcriar, me crié, sobrevivir, superviviencia.