3 F&C Video Lessons 81-90.

Lesson 81 CONDUCIR (to drive) preterite forms: conduje, condujiste, condujo, condujimos, condujeron….. drove.

Lesson 82 3 FC 121-125: father-in-law, other, great-uncle, personality (P), character / personality (C)….. suegro, otro, tío abuelo, personalidad, carécter.

Lesson 83 ANDAR (to walk) preterite forms: anduve, anduviste, anduvo, anduvimos, anduvieron….. walked.

Lesson 84 3 FC 126-130: brother-in-law, demanding, self-esteem, unbearable, half-brother….. cuñado, eigente, autoestima, insorportable, medio hermano.

Lesson 85 3 FC 131-135: son-in-law, daughter-in-law, well-behaved, to regret (L), to regret (A)….. yerno, nuera, bien educado, lamentar, arrepentirse.

Lesson 86 3 FC 136-140: to scold, homeland, to resemble / to appear, it seems that way / it appears that way, the generation gap….. regañar, patria, parecer, parece que sí, la brecha generacional.

Lesson 87 3 FC 141-145: to resemble (a person), I resemble / I liik like (a person), the root, the roots, adolescence….. parecerse a, la raíz, las raices, adolescencia.

Lesson 88 ANDAR (to walk) preterite sents: She walked to the hair dresser / beauty salon. I walked to the park. They walked to the pharmacy. We walked to the museum.

Lesson 89 VER (to see) preterite forms: vi, viste, vio, vimos, vieron….. saw.

Lesson 90 VER (to see) preterite sents: I saw María at 7:00. We saw the tall boys. He saw my house. You saw José at the party.