3 F&C Video Lessons 91-100.

Lesson 91 3 FC 146-150: sibmissive, aggressive, selfish, to overcome, a close knit family / a united family….. sumiso, agresivo, egoista, superar, una familia unida.

Lesson 92 3 sents 153-156: Did Donaldo take a bath today? No, Donaldo did not take a bath today. At what time did you arrive? I arrived at 3:20 in the afternoon.

Lesson 93 3 FC 151-155: to offer, I offer, to have fun, they have fun, rebellious / rebel….. ofrecer, ofrezco, divertirse, me divierto, rebelle.

Lesson 94 CONDUCIR (to drive) preterite sents: Our neighbor drove to the store. You drove to the beach. I drove to the bank. We drove to the hospital.

Lesson 95 DAILY ROUTINE (ella preterite sents): Yesterday, she woke up at 8:00. She got up at 8:30. She took a bath and dried her hair. She put on make-up and brushed her hair. She brushed her teeth and got dressed.

Lesson 96 IR and VER: preterite sents: I went to the bank with Blanca. I saw Amalia in the restaurant. Carlota went to the town. Celina saw Guillermo at the beach.

Lesson 97 2 sents 245-248: Did you shower this morning? Yes, I showered this moring. When did Anita and Andrés arrive? Anita and Andréa arrived at 7:12 in the afternoon.

Lesson 98 2 sents 97-100: They were speaking to us. I ate many tacos at Anita’s party. Adela saw us (once). I always spoke to them.

Lesson 99 2 sents 173-176: Rafael saw us on Wednesday. Mónica and Sofía were eating. On Saturday, we went to the movie theater. Pablo was very thirsty.

Lesson 100 1 sents 77-80: Can you go to the park today? Yes, I can go to the park today. What do you do on Saturdays? I visit with my friends on Saturdays.