3 GC Video Lessons 1-10.

Lesson 1 3 GC 01-05: monkey, to spend money, to waste, ocean, to hunt….. mono, gastar, malgastar, el mar, el océano, cazar.

Lesson 2 3 GC 06-10: to pollute, the pollution, to breathe, scarce, to use up / to exhaust….. contaminar, contaminación, respirar, escaso, agotar.

Lesson 3 2 sents 09-12: He is going to take a bath. She bathes every day. Anita thinks that José is nice. We think that she is pretty.

Lesson 4 3 sents 01-04: We are going to get married. He knows me well. I know Paco well. I know him well.

Lesson 5 3 GC 11-15: the snake (S), the snake / the viper (V), harmful, the ozone layer, to resolve….. serpiente, víbora, dañino, dañoso, capa de ozono.

Lesson 6 3 GC 16-20: to rain, it is raining, the rain, the eagle, pure….. llover, llueve, lluvia, el águila, puro.

Lesson 7 3 sents 05-08: They never deceive me. She never gets angry with me. I never get angry with him. We always get along.

Lesson 8 2 sents 17-20: Yesterday, I spoke to him. Yesterday, he spoke to me. Enrique always studied. María was studying.

Lesson 9 ooops… skip this one.

Lesson 10 3 GC 21-25: to realize, I realized, whale, coast, development….. darse cuenta, me di cuenta, ballena, costa, desarollo.