3 GC Video Lessons 21-30.

Lesson 21 3 sents 21-24: She is not a liar. I am happy when I am with my girlfriend. I feel secure, when I am with Paco. I am never fed up with her.

Lesson 22 3 GC 51-55: worse, the worst, to get worse, to urbanize, the reptile….. peor, el peor, la peor, empeorarse, urbanizar, el reptile.

Lesson 23 3 GC 56-60: land / earth / dirt, the ship / the boat, wolf,k the fountain, the source / the platter….. tierra, la nave, el barco, lobo, el fuente, la Fuente.

Lesson 24 3 sents 73-76: Yesterday, Gustavo and I were hungry. I want her to dance with me. They want us to come. I sat down at 1:00….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 25 3 sents 25-28: I am happy, when I see José. I trust Juanita a lot. She will never be unfaithful. We are a good couple.

Lesson 26 3 sents 33-36: What is your soulmate like? My soulmate Enrique is smart and sincere. What do you deserve? Why? I deserve an honest soulmate, because I don’t lie.

Lesson 27 3 GC 61-65: the bear, the tiger, the lion, polar bear, to disappear….. oso, tigre, león, oso polar, desaparecer.

Lesson 28 3 GC 66-70: one must / one has to, to have to, one has to study, global warming, to destroy, nature…..hay que, tener que estudiar, calentamiento global, destruuir.

Lesson 29 3 sents 77-80: Paco was very thirsty. She wants them to leave. It was 2:00, when he saw us. The girls want Anita to sing….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 30 3 sents 37-40: How do you feel today? I feel happy today, because I am with my boyfriend. When you are in a relationship, are you faithful? When I am in a relationship, I am faithful and I don’t flirt.