3 GC Video Lessons 31-40.

Lesson 31 3 GC 71-75: to tolerate / to put up with, dangerous, in danger of, the dolphin, seal (the animal)…..aguantar, peligroso, peligro, extinción, delfín, foca.

Lesson 32 3 sents 81-84: I know that Felipe has a pet. We hope that he has a party. It is important that you guys do it. Beto did the homework yesterday….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 33 3 GC 76-80: oil pipeline, to throw out / to throw away, disposable, to make an effort, energy consumption….. oleoducto, echar, desechable, hacer un esfuerzo, consumo de energía.

Lesson 34 3 GC 81-85: oil /petroleum, oil company, the fish (alive), many fish, the smog….. petróleo, petrolera, el pez, los peces, el smog,

Lesson 35 3 sents 29-32: Who do you count on? Why? I count on my boyfriend, because he is trustworthy. Who do you trust? Why? I trust my girlfriend, because she is honest.

Lesson 36 3 sents 85-88: She is working with her older sister. Eduardo is going to do it. They want him to buy a bicycle. My uncle and I want her to help….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 37 3 86-90: dry, to dry, drought, the fuel, to be contagious, the environment….. seco, secar, sequía, el combustible, el medioambiente.

Lesson 38 3 GC 91-05: the country, the countryside, to become extinct, the species, hybrid….. el país, el paisaje, extinguirse, la especie, híbrido.

Lesson 39 3 sents 53-56: I take a bath. I talk to her. She gets dressed. We (girls) sing with Francisco.

Lesson 40 3 sents 89-92: It was cold when she arrived. She was taller than her best friend. She likes the green shoes. Cecilia’s mom wants her to study….. present subjunctive.