3 GC Video Lessons 41-50.

Lesson 41 3 GC 96-100: to protect, protected, solar energy, nuclear energy, wind energy…..proteger, protegido, energía solar, energía nuclear, energía eólica.

Lesson 42 3 sents 93-96: As a child, Vincente was able to sing well. It is important that you guys study. Donaldo’s boss helped me a lot. Paco, don’t work on Saturday?….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 43 3 sents 49-52: (order a friend to…) Do I! Talk to me! Tell me! Take a bath!….. commands, informal.

Lesson 44 3 GC 101-105: natural resources, to come, to prevent, the future (P), future (F)…..recursos naturales, venir, prevenir, el porvenir, future.

Lesson 45 3 sents 41-44: We (girls) always ate. Ana and Juanito were eating. Felipe and Andrés were singing. Pedro, you always drank water.

Lesson 46 3 GC 106-110: to preserve, to save, the deforestation, the erosion, the hurricane…..preservar, salvar, la deforestación, la erosión, el huricán.

Lesson 47 3 GC 111-115: to obey, I obey, to disobey, I disobey, civil disobedience….. débil, debilidad, obedecer, obedezco, desobediencia civil.

Lesson 48 3 sents sents 61-64: I have to bathe Paco. I have to take a bath. She helps herself. She helps Esteban.

Lesson 49 3 sents 97-104 (order a friend to…): Talk to us! Don’t talk to us! Drink it! Don’t drink it! Arrive early! Don’t arrive early! Have a party! Don’t have a party!….. commands, informal.

Lesson 50 3 GC 116-120: the blackmail, to blackmail, to spy, the spy (male), the spy (female)….. el chantaje, chantajear, espiar, el espía, la espía.