3 GC Video Lessons 51-60.

Lesson 51 3 GC 121-125: to believe, belief, the credibility, the (female) activist, the (male) activist….. creer, creencia, la credibilidad, la activista, el activista.

Lesson 52 3 sents 145-148: Lupe was eating, when they (girls) arrived. It is necessary that Paco has a party. On Tuesday, I was going to eat. Javier and I ate Enrique’s salad….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 53 3 sents 105-112 (order a friend to…): Dance! Don’t dance! Eat it! Don’t eat it! Put is here! Don’t put it here! Look for it! Don’t look for it!….. commands, familiar, affirmative, negative.

Lesson 54 3 GC 126-130: lawyer, to abolish, terrorism, the (female) terrorist, the (male) terrorist….. abogado, aboir, terrorismo, la terrorista, el terrorista.

Lesson 55 3 GC 131-135: the fight / the struggle, the cruelty, safe / secure, the security, the insecurity….. lucha, la crueldad, seguro, la seguridad, la inseguridad.

Lesson 56 3 GC 136-140: war, civil war, to judge, I judged (one time), the (male) judge, the (female) judge…..guerra, guerra civil, juzgar, juzgué, el juez, la juez.

Lesson 57 3 GC 141-145: government, I flee / I fun away, to flee / to run away, scandal, conservative, liberal…..gobierno, huyo, huir, escándalo, conservador, liberal.

Lesson 58 3 sents 137-140: I want them to eat less meat. It was 1:00 when he left. They recommend that I turn off the lights. She demands that I plant a tree….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 59 3 sents 165-168: You have to study more. He wants a glass of water. We want to go to bed (to lie down) early, They are going to ask for the bill.

Lesson 60 3 GC 151-155: the right (a direction), human rights, to influence, I influence, they influence….. a la derecha, derechos humanos, influir, influyo, influyen.