3 GC Video Lessons 61-70.

Lesson 61 3 sents 149-152: It is important that they use paper. It is urgent that you not use plastic. I left because I was tired. It is essential that we use less electricity….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 62 3 GC 161-165: the aircraft carrier, army, the rifle, congress, the congressman….. el portaaviones, ejército, el rifle, congreso, el congresista.

Lesson 63 3 sents 153-156: This morning, I showered. It is important that we not waste water. Ángela and I are working in the garden. I need you to turn off the lights….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 64 3 GC 166-170: the foreign relations, to oppress, oppressed, to devote oneself to, the fear….. relaciones exteriores, oprimir, oprimido, dedicarse a, el temor.

Lesson 65 3 GC 175-180: alphabet, illiterate, literate (A), literate (C), soldier….. alfabeto, analfabeto, alfabetizado, culto, soldado.

Lesson 66 3 sents 117-120: We (girls) will sing. They will eat soon. I will arrive early. You will work later….. hard future.

Lesson 67 3 GC 176-180: threat, politician, pliticial party, to approve, intelligence….. amenaza, político, partido, probar, inteligencia.

Lesson 68 sents 121-124: mayor, perezoso, ganar, nuestro, partido, jugué

Lesson 69 3 GC 181-185: navy, the law, to destroy, destruction, the liberty….. armada, la ley destrozar, destrucción, la libertad.

Lesson 70 3 GC 186-190: flag, to abuse, abuse, violence, the power….. bandera, abusar, abuso, violencia, el poder.