3 GC Video Lessons 71-80.

Lesson 71 3 sents 65-68: It was 4:00, when I saw Felipe. As a child, I studied a lot. The girls were happy when I bought it. Yesterday, she took a bath.

Lesson 72 2 sents.29-32: The boys were sports-minded. She always went to the movie theater. She went to the movie theater yesterday. The bedroom was larger than the bathroom.

Lesson 73 3 GC 191-195: the court (C), the cort (T), senate, the (male) senator, the (female) senator: el corte, el tribunal, senado, senador, senadora.

Lesson 74 3 GC 196-200: democracy, the (male) democrat, the (female) democrat, the (male) president, the (female) president: democracia, el demócrata, la demócrata, el presidente, la presidenta.

Lesson 75 3 sents 157-160: I have to take a bath. You have to take a shower. He likes to take a shower. They are taking a bath.

Lesson 76 3 GC 201-205: equal, the equality, unequal, the inequality, to summon / to call upon….. igual, la igualidad, desigual, la desigualidad, convocar.

Lesson 77 3 GC 206-210: force, air force, the (male) protester / the (male) demonstrator, the (female) protester / the (female) demonstrator, devastating….. fuerza, áera fuerza, el manifestante, la manifestante, devastador.

Lesson 78 3 GC 211-215: to elect / to choose, the election, to vote, to defeat, the defeat….. eleglir, la elección, votar, voto, derrotar, la derrota.

Lesson 79 FUTUR decir and hacer: – diré, dirás, dirá, diremos, dirán, haré,harás, hará, haremos, harán….. will say, will tell, will make, will do.

Lesson 80 3 GC 216-220: just / fair, justice, unjust / unfair, injustice, abolish, drug….. justo, justicia, injusto, injusticia, derogar, droga.