3 GC Video Lessons 81-88.

Lesson 81 32sents 77-80: I am going to take a bath. I take a bath every morning. We are in a hurry. Rafael and Julia are correct / right.

Lesson 82 3 GC 221-225: the (male) mayor, the (female) mayor, peaceful, the (male) pacifist, the (female) pacifist….. alcalde, alcaldesa, pacífico, pacifista.

Lesson 83 3 GC 226-230: machine gun, the peace, to kidnap, republican, the bomb….. ametralladora, la paz, secuestrar, republicano, la bomba.

Lesson 84 CONDITIONAL poner and tener: pondría, pondrías, pondría. pondríamos, pondrían, tendría, tendrías, tendría, tendríamos, tendrían….. would put, would have.

Lesson 85 3 sents 129-132: If I had a big house, I would have a lot of parties. If I had a lot of money, I would buy a new house. If I had good grades, I would be very happy. If I had an airplane, I would visit many countries….. conditional, si tuviera.

Lesson 86 3 sents 125-128: If I were rich, I would drive an expensive car. If I were rich, I would travel a lot. If I were intelligent, I would receive good grades. If I were famous, I would earn a lot of money….. conditional, si fuera.

Lesson 87 CONDITIONAL decir and hacer: diría, dirías, diría, diríamos, dirían, haría. haría, haría, haríamos, harían….. would say, would tell, would make, would do.

Lesson 88 3 sents 133-136: If I could, I would buy many things. If I could, I would eat in expensive restaurants. If I could, I would live in Hawaii. If I could, I would travel to China….. si pudiera.