3 CL video Lessons 31-40.

Lesson 31 PRESENT PERFECT… VER, RESOLVER, DEVOLVER: You have seen the movie. He has seen our house. They have resolved the problem. I have resolved the situation. We have returned the money. She has returned the book….. visto, resuelto, devuelto.

Lesson 32 3 sents 137-140: I want them to eat less meat. It was 1:00 when he left. They recommend that I turn off the lights. She demands that I plant a tree….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 33 2 PPI EXAM PREP 26-30: my sisters were tall. My parents and I live in a big brown house. My parents and I lived in a big brown house. I eat many tacos. As a child, I ate many tacos.

Lesson 34 3 CL 51-55: to collect, credit card, debit card, financier / financial, labor union….. cobrar, tarjeta, crédito, débito, financiero, sindicato.

Lesson 35 PAST PERFECT… AR VERBS… an intro: I had spoken. You had spoken. He had talked. We had talked. They had spoken….. había, habías, había, habíamos, habían, hablado.

Lesson 36 3 sents 133-136: If I could, I would buy many things. If I could, I would eat in expensive restaurants. If I could, I would live in Hawaii. If I could, I would travel to China…… si pudiera.

Lesson 37 2 PPI EXAM PREP. 21-25: When it was hot, I always swam. I go to a church. As a child, I went to a church. My sisters are tall. My sisters were tall.

Lesson 38 PAST PERFECT… IR VERBS… recibir: I had received. You had received. He had received. We had received. They had received….. había, habías, había, habíamos, habían, recibido.

Lesson 39 3 sents 129-132: If I had a big house, I would have lots of parties. If I had a lot of money, I would buy a new house. If I had good grades, I would be very happy. If I had an airplane, I would visit many countries….. si tuviera, conditional.

Lesson 40 2 PPI EXAM PREP 11-15: I like dogs. I liked dogs. I am able to speak well. I was able to speak well. I wanted to eat tacos.