3 CL Video Lessons 71-80.

Lesson 71 3 CL 91-95: something, to get / to obtain, I get / I obtain, the (female) musician, the (male) musician….. algo, conseguir, consigo, música, músico.

Lesson 72 3 sents 09-12: She never lies to me. I never lie to her. I always tell the truth to him. She always helps me.

Lesson 73 CHORES 05-08 preterite sents: I washed the dishes. I cleaned the bathroom. I vacuumed the living room. I set the table.

Lesson 74 3 CL 96-100: the sport, the extreme sports, the sports club, free time (T), Free time (R)….. el deporte, los deportes extremos, el club deportivo, tiempo libre, ratos libres.

Lesson 75 3 sents 61-64: I have to bathe Paco. I have to take a bath. She helps herself. She helps Esteban.

Lesson 76 CHORES 01-04 preterite sents: I worked in the garage. I made my bed. I did my chores. I helped my mom.

Lesson 77 3 CL 101-105: to have fun (D) , I have fun (D), to defeat / to overcome, fair (county fair), to celebrate…..divertirse, me divierto, vencer, feria, celebrar.

Lesson 78 3 sents 121-124: My older brother is lazy. Antonio wants to play in the park. We won our game on Sunday. Yesterday, I played tennis.

Lesson 79 3 CL 106-110: to entertain oneself (E), I entertain myself, entertaining, to celebrate (F), comedy….. entretenerse, me entretengo, entretenido, festejar comedia.

Lesson 80 3 sents 05-08: They never deceive me. She never gets angry with me. I never get angry with him. We always get along well.