3 CL Video Lessons 81-90.

Lesson 81 3 CL 111-115: equipment / team, the meeting, to meet with, career / the (car) race, to act…..equipo, reunión, reunirse, carrera, actuar.

Lesson 82 3 sents 45-48: I play baseball. I always played baseball. I am able to eat now. I was always able to eat early.

Lesson 83 3 CL 116-120: ticket (B), ticket (E), to lose, to earn / to win / to gain, a game (P), a game (J)…..boleto, entrada, perder, ganar, partido, juego.

Lesson 84 3 sents 17-20: We get along very well. I know that he is not going to stand me up. She does not flirt with other boys. He is not cheap.

Lesson 85 TENER (to have) preterite sents: Yesterday, I had to study a lot. Paco and Anita had a date. Elena and I had a very difficult exam. You had to speak with Ricardo.

Lesson 86 3 CL 121-125: to whistle, exhausted, the amusement park, recreation / a break, concert….. silbar, agotado, parque de atracciones, recreo.

Lesson 87 3 sents 69-72: They want us to eat. We know that she is intelligent. We insist that she studies. She is studying with her friends….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 88 3 CL 126-130: mountain climbing (in Europe), mountain climbing (in South America), the skiing (in the mountains), cross-country skiing, bottom, down the mountain…..alpinismo, andinismo, el esquí alpino, fondo, montaña abajo.

Lesson 89 3 sents 73-76: Yesterday, Gustavo and I were hungry. I want her to dance with me. They want us to come. I sat down at 1:00….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 90 3 CL 131-135: the (male) host, the (female) host, to play a CD, theater, to applaud, darts….. el anfitrión, la anfitriñna, poner un CD, teatro, aplaudir, dardos.