3 CL Video Lessons 91-99.

Lesson 91 3 sents 77-80: Paco was very thirsty. She wants them to leave. It was 2:00 , when he saw us. The girls want Anita to sing.

Lesson 92 3 CL 136-140: to chat (not hablar), a fan (of sports etc.) the (male) athlete, the (female) athlete, board game…..charlar, chatear, aficionado, atleta, juego de mesa.

Lesson 93 sents 33-36: What is your soulmate like? My soulmate Enrique is smart and sincere. What do you deserve? Why? I deserve an honest girlfriend because I do not lie.

Lesson 94 3 CL 141-145: the (playing) cards (N), the (playing) cards (C), to score a goal, to score a point, to spred the word….. los naipes, las cartas, marcar un gol, marcar unpunto, correr la voz.

Lesson 95 3 CL 146-150: a play (theater), to leave / to go away, I leave / I go away, to go out to eat, one must study (not tener que)…..obra de teatro, salir, salgo, salir a comer, hay que.

Lesson 96 3 CL 151-155: the (male) party pooper, the (female) party pooper, the (male) spectator, the (female) spectator, to make a toast (drinking…)….. el aguafiestas, la aguafiestas, el espectador, la espectadora, brindar.

Lesson 97 3 CL 156-160: to get injured, I got injured, a show, cheerful / animated, cheerleader….. lastimarse, me lastimé, espectáculo, animado, animadora.

Lesson 98 3 CL 161-165: nothing, I don’t like it at all, to bet, I bet, lottery…..nada, apostar, yo apuesto, una apuesta, apuesto, lotería.

Lesson 99 3 CL 166-170: to shout, music group, together, to tie (score), a tie (score), to collect….. gritar, conjunto, junto, empatar, un empate, colleccionar.