3 CL Video Lessons 11-20.

Lesson 11 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 07-12: On Tuesday, I arrived early. On Tuesdays, I always arrived early. She ate a taco at 5:15. She was eating tacos, when I arrived. You guys always drank sodas. Yesterday, you guys drank sodas.

Lesson 12 3 CL 21-25: to spend (money), word, the (male) advisor, the (female) advisor, work schedule….. gastar, palabra, el asesor, la asesora, horario de trabajo.

Lesson 13 3 sents 61-64: I have to bathe Paco. I have to take a bath. She helps herself. She helps Esteban.

Lesson 14 3 sents 121-124: My older brother is lazy. Antonio wants to play in the park. We won our game on Sunday. Yesterday, I played tennes.

Lesson 15 3 CL 26-30: to earn a living, to earn, market, to count, accountant (male), accountant (female), the ATM machine….. ganarse la vida, ganar, mercado, contar, el contador, la contadora, el cajero automático.

Lesson 16 PRESENT PERFECT intro IR VERBS: I have received, You have received. He has received. We have received. They have received….. he, has, ha, hemos, han, recibido, ido.

Lesson 17 2 FC exam prep 37-40: What did you eat for breakfast (once)? For breakfast, I eat bacon and eggs. What did your brother eat for lunch (once)? For lunch, my brother eat tacos.

Lesson 18 g3 CL 31-35: the (male) manager, the (female) manager, to be on sale, window, to deposit, the economic crisis….. el gerente, la gerente, estar en venta, Ventana, deopoistar, la crisis económica.

Lesson 19 PRESENT PERFECT vs. HARD FUTURE: er verbs….. he comido, has comido, ha comido, hemos comido, han comido, comeré, comerás, comerá. comeremos, comerán, have eaten, has eaten, will eat, shall eat.

Lesson 20 3 sents 153-156: This morning, I showered. It is important that we not waste water. Ángela and I are working in the garden. I need you to turn off the lights….. present subjunctive.