3 CL Video Lessons 21-30.

Lesson 21 2 FC exam prep 25-28: As a child, what was your house like? As a child, my house was small and white. As a child, what was your neighborhood like? As a child, my neighborhood was big and pretty.

Lesson 22 3 CL 36-40: tax, to retire, employee, unemployed, unemployment….. impuesto, jubilarse, empleado, desempleado, desempleo.

Lesson 23 PRESENT PREFECT… DECIR, HACER, PONER: I have told the truth. We have said everything. You have done the homework. We have done very well. they have placed the books here. I have put my bike in the garage….. dicho, hecho, puesto.

Lesson 24 3 sents 149-152: It is important that they use paper. It is urgent that you not use plastic. I left because I was tired. It is essential that we use less electricity….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 25 2 FC exam prep 21-24: Does your mom like the mall? Yes, my mom likes the mall. Do you like to go to the mall? Yes, I like to go to the mall.

Lesson 26 3 CL 41-45: owner, debt, the meeting / the reunion, to be under pressure, to solicit….. dueño, deuda, reunión, estar bajo presión, solicitor.

Lesson 27 PRESENT PERFECT… ESCRIBIR, MORIR, ROMPER: We have written a book. You guys have written a letter. He has died. They have died. I have broken my necklace. You have broken your computer….. escrito, muerto, roto.

Lesson 28 3 sents 141-144: I want you to recycle. When I saw her yesterday, she was happy. They want us to use less plastic. It is important that you (sir) drive an electric car….. present subjunctive.

Lesson 29 2 FC exam prep 09-12: What is there in your neighborhood? In my neighborhood, there is a pool and there are many trees. Why do you like the school? I like the school because the teachers are very nice.

Lesson 30 3 CL 46-50: the company, the salesman, the saleswoman, to quit (a job), to have connections….. empresa, el vendedor, la vendadora, renunciar, tener conexiones.