3 CL Video Lessons 41-50.

Lesson 41 3 sents 161-164: I want him to have a party. I wanted him to have a party. They want me to eat. They wanted me to eat….. past subjunctive.

Lesson 42 ALMORZAR (to eat lunch) preterite sents: Yesterday, he ate lunch. I ate lunch at 11:00. They (girls) ate lunch with the boys. We (boys) ate lunch very quickly.

Lesson 43 3 CL 56-60: capable, incapabl, well, position, budget…..capaz, incapaz, pues, puesto, presupuesto.

Lesson 44 PAST PERFECT… DECIR, HACER, PONER: I had told the truth. We had said everything. You had done the homework. We had done very well. They had placed the books here. I had put my bike in the garage….. había, dicho, hecho, puesto.

Lesson 45 VENIR (to come) preterite sents: I came form the airport. Felipe and I came to the party. The (female) doctor came to the hospital. Eduardo and I came in the new car.

Lesson 46 3 sents 165-168: You have to study more. He wants to drink a glass of water. We go to bed (lie down) early. They are going to ask for the bill.

Lesson 47 IR (to go) preterite sents: Lola went to the museum. I went to Isabel’s house. Enrique and I went to Julio’s house. Benito and Carlos went to the bank.

Lesson 48 3 CL 61-65: exhausted, salary, minimum wage, a raise, executive….. agotado, suelo, mínimo, aumento, ejectivo.

Lesson 49 PAST PERFECT… ESCRIBIR, MORIR, ROMPER: We had written a book. You guys had written a letter. He had died. They had died. I had broken my necklace. You had broken my computer….. escrito, muerto, roto, había.

Lesson 50 3 sents 181-184: She has to do it. I looked for him yesterday. They like to talk to you. (order a group…) Don’t leave now!….. commands, informal, negative.