3 CL Video Lessons 51-60.

Lesson 51 3 CL 66-70: to save money, savings, savings account, checking account, to contract, a contract…..ahorrar dinero, ahorros, cuenta, corriente, contratar, un contrato.

Lesson 52 PAST PERFECT… VER, RESOLVER, DEVOLVER: You had seen the movie. He had seen our house. They had resolved the problem. I had resolved the situation. We had returned the money. She had returned the book….. visto, resuelto, devuilto, había.

Lesson 53 3 sents 189-192: Last Saturday, the girls were sad. I want her to leave now. (order a friend…) Sit down! (order a friend…) Don’t sit down!….. commands, informal, negative, affirmative, present subjunctive.

Lesson 54 HACER (to make, to do) preterite sents: Did the girls do their homework? Yes, the girls did their homework. Did you do your chores? Yes, I did my chores.

Lesson 55 3 CL 71-75: the store (A) / warehouse, the (male) worker, to promote, the company (E) / the company (C), to invest…..el almacén, tienda, obrero, empresa, comapñía, invertir.

Lesson 56 3 sents 217-220: I had spoken with his older sister. Had you eaten the cookie? He had told us the truth. Had they written the letter?….. past perfect, había.

Lesson 57 3 sents 197-200: It is raining. They were going to swim at 6:10. We are going to swim in the lake. The girls are swimming.

Lesson 58 2 FC exam prep 53-56: What did you do last Saturday? Last Saturday, I did my homework. What did your parents do last Thursday? Last Thursday, my parents went to a restaurant.

Lesson 59 3 CL 76-80: to utilize / to put to good use, short term, long term, to lend, multinational….. aprovechar, a corto plazo, largo plazo, prestar, multinacional.

Lesson 60 3 sents 221-224: She had received many gifts. Had you guys done the homework? Her cat had died. Had you (sir) lived in México?….. past perfect, habí.