3 CL Video Lessons 61-70.

Lesson 61 3 sents 157-160: I have to take a bath. You have to take a shower. He likes to take a shower. They are taking a bath….. reflexive, magnets.

Lesson 62 VENIR (to come)… preterite sents: I came from the airport. Felipe and Lupe came to the party. The (female) doctor came to the hospital. Eudardo and I came in the new car.

Lesson 63 3 CL 81-85: boring, movie / film, to premier a movie, to stand in line, the (game of) pool / the (game of) billards….. aburrido, película, estrenar una película, hacer cola, el billar.

Lesson 64 sents 225-228: PAST PERFECT, seen, returned, received, worked

Lesson 65 3 sents 225-228: Had you seen my keys? I had worked a lot. Had we returned the scarf? Had Paco and Anita received the tickets?

Lesson 66 sents 225-228: ooops… skip this one.

Lesson 67 3 sents 53-56: I take a bath. I talk to her. She gets dressed. We (girls) sing with Francisco.

Lesson 68 3 CL 86-90: pity / shame, to be worth it, it is not worth it, (the) bowling, leisure….. pena, valer la pena, no vale la pena, el boliche, ocio.

Lesson 69 3 sents 37-40: How do you feel today? I feel happy, because I am with my boyfriend. When you are in a relationship, are you faithful? When I am in a relationship, I am faithful and I don’t flirt.

Lesson 70 IR and VER preterite sents: I went to the bank. I saw Amiliaa in the restaurant. Carlota went to the town. Celina saw Guillermo at the beach.