4 PPI Video Lessons 1-10.

Lesson 1 4 PPI 01-05: goal, to reach / to achieve / to attain, in agreement with, Colombian, Peruvian….. meta, alcanzar, de acuerdo con, columbiano, peruano.

Lesson 2 4 PPI 06-10: the leader, leadership, on purpose, Bolivian, Mexican American….. líder, liderazgo, a propósito, Boliviano, Chicano.

Lesson 3 4 PPI 11-15: birth, you (sir) are self-assured, I try to sing, Mexican, Cuban….. nacimiento, es seguro, de sí mismo, tratar de cantar, Mexicano, Cubano.

Lesson 4 4 PPI 16-20: patriotism, homeland, to keep in mind, someone from the Dominican Republic, Ecuadorian….. patriotismo, patria, tener en cuenta, Dominicano, Ecuatoriano.

Lesson 5 4 PPI 21-25: without, nonetheless / nevertheless, birth country, Venezuelan, German….sin, sin embargo, tierra natal, Venezolano, Alemán.

Lesson 6 4 PPI 26-30: to enjoy, to grow up, I grew up in, Honduran, Panamanian….. disfrutar, criarse, me crié en, Hondureño, Panameño.

Lesson 7 4 PPI 31-35: to be in charge of, Who do you look like in your family? including, Puerto Rican, Salvadoran….. encargarse de, ¿A quién sales? incluso, puertorriqueño, salvadoreño.

Lesson 8 4 PPI 36-40: to manage / to achieve / to attain, executive, to execute / to carry out, Costa Rican, Nicaraguan….. lograr, ejecutivo, ejecutar, Costarricense, Nicaragüse.

Lesson 9 4 PPI 41-45: to feel inferior, the third time, stubborn, Paraguayan, Uruguayan….. sentirse inferior, la tercera vez, terco, Paraguayo, Uruguayo.

Lesson 10 4 PPI 46-50: size (clothing), I wear size… shoe size, the hero, the heroine, Argentinian….. talla, número, el héroe, la heroina, Argentino.