4 PPI Video Lessons 21-25.

Lesson 21 4 PPI 101-105: risk, personal tragedy, self-esteem, to please, genre / type / gender….. riesgo, tragedia personal, autoestima, complacer, género.

Lesson 22 4 PPI 106-110: to stand out, the (male) pedestrian, the (female) pedestrian, to try to, the tattoo, consumer products….. destacar, el transeúnte, la transeúnte, intentar, el tatuaje, productos de consume.

Lesson 23 4 PPI 111-115: feeling, to hurt one’s feelings, the flavor / the taste, to taste / to try, the rank….. sentimientos, herir los sentimientos, el sabor, saborear, el rango.

Lesson 24 4 PPI 116-120:

Lesson 25 4 PPI 121-125: humble, the humility, to be one’s prince charming, to dedicate oneself to, perspective….. humilde, la humildad, dedicarse a, perspectiva.