4 F&C Video Lessons 1-10.

Lesson 1 4 FC 01-05: nephew, the home (not casa…), issues, to find / to discover, discovery….. sobrino, el hogar, asuntos, hallar, hallazgo.

Lesson 2 4 FC 06-10: to threaten, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, to get along well with, to fall, I get along well with Paco well….. amenazar, yerno, nuera, caerse bien con, caer, Paco me cae bien.

Lesson 3 4 FC 11-15: father-in-law, mother-in-law, to govern / to rule over, to have just, I have just eaten….. suegro, regir, acabar de, acabo de comer.

Lesson 4 4 FC 16-20: to please, to pray, uncle, great uncle, I don’t like her….. agradar, rezar, tío, tío abuelo, ella no me cae bien.

Lesson 5 4 FC 21-25: twin, loving / caring / affectionate, to support, the support, wife / spouse, handcuffs….. gemelo, cariñoso, apoyar, el apoyo, espoa, esposas.

Lesson 6 4 FC 26-30: to grow, husband, grandpa, great-grandpa, proud….. crecer, marido, abuelo, bisabuelo, orgullo.

Lesson 7 4 FC 31-35: to push, brother-in-law, to survive / to live on, wealth, The Red Cross…..empujar, cuñado, sobrevivir, pervivir, riqueza, La Cruz Roja.

Lesson 8 4 FC 36-40: to pretend, son, stepson,godson, rescue service….. fingir, hijo, hijastro, ahijado, servicio de rescate.

Lesson 9 4 FC 41-45: to shout, birth, the death, the childhood, the old age….. gritar, nacimiento, la muerte, la niñez, la viejez.

Lesson 10 4 FC 46-50: wedding, to inherit, to advise / to give advice, the adulthood, anniversary….. boda, heredar, aconsejar, la edad adulta, aniversario.