4 B&A Video Lessons 21-30.

Lesson 21 4 BA 101-105: still life (painting), plastic surgery, well-dressed, dress, plot, cement / concerte…..naturaleza muerta, cirugía plástica, bien vestido, argumento, cemento.

Lesson 22 ooops… skip this one.

Lesson 23 4 BA 106-110: a work of art, to the back, bangs, ahead, thin…..una obra de arte, al fondo, flequillos, adelante, delgado.

Lesson 24 4 BA 111-115: the landscape, thee country, crow’s feet, rooster, cast (of a play or movie), the place, to take place…..el paisaje, el país, patas de gallo, gallo, reparto, el lugar, tener lugar.

Lesson 25 4 BA 116-120: deep, shallow, the foreground, to perform, to dub / to double….. profundo, poco profundo, primer plano, representar, doblar.

Lesson 26 4 BA 121-125: masterpiece, props, to exaggerate, to rewind, modern…..uan obra maestra, accesorios, exagerar, rebobinar, modern.

Lesson 27 4 BA 126-130: to turn off, dull (color), the theater (plays, musicals etc.), the movie theater, the (male) soloist, the (female) soloist…..apagar, apagado, teatro, el cine, el solista, la solista.

Lesson 28 4 BA 131-135: colorful, the (male) opera singer, the (female) opera singer, gigantic, to laught, to burst out laughing…..colorido, el cantante de ópera, la cantante de ópera, gigantesco, reír, echarse a reír.

Lesson 29 4 BA 136-140: the script, I like it (not no me gusta), to record, tiny, abstract, el guión, me agrada, grabar, pequeñito, abstracto.

Lesson 30 4 BA 141-145: to evoke, slow motion, slow, trilogy, to model, realistic…..evocar, cámara lenta, lento, trilogía, modelar, realista.