4 B&A Video Lessons 31-40.

Lesson 31 4 BA 146-150: spotlight, lightbulb / focus, to move (emotionally), the climax (of a movie), glamorous, lonely….. foco, emocionarse, punto culminante, glamoroso, solitario.

Lesson 32 4 BA 151-155: to mean, candidate, nominee, to subtitle, subtitles…..significar, candidato, nominado, subtitular, subtitulos.

Lesson 33 4 BA 156-160: to exhibit, flashback, stunning, to fast forward, forward, to debut….. exponer, escena retrospective, imponente, adelentar, adelante, debutar.

Lesson 34 4 BA 161-165: lyrics, to hum the example, the movie trailer / the movie preview, influence…..letra, tararear, el ejemplar, el tráiler, el avance, influencia.

Lesson 35 4 BA 166-170: canvas, wool, symphony, just, fair, unjust, fufair….. lienzo, lana, sinfonía, justo, injusto.

Lesson 36 4 BA 171-175: stage fright, funny (G), rubber, to play a role, cubism…..miedo escénico, gracioso, goma, hacer un papel, cubism.

Lesson 37 4 BA 176-180: wavy (hair etc.), scarry, the cotton, to star, surrealism…..ondulado, da miedo, escalofriante, el algodón, protagonizar, surrelismo.

Lesson 38 4 BA 181-185: round (shape), the audience, agreed, to come to an agreement, we came to an agreement….. redondo, público, de acuerdo, ponerse de acuerdo, nos pusimos de acuerdo.

Lesson 39 4 BA 186-190: wrinkle, famous, to compose, envious, review….. arruga, famoso, componer, envidioso, crítica.

Lesson 40 4 BA 191-195: wax, terrifying (E), pencil lead, TV audience, to shrink….. cera, espantoso, mina, audiencia, encoger.